Gianluca Cinelli

I am a scholar in Italian and European contemporary literature. I have for years studied the connection between literature and war, first of all in autobiographical writings. In my opinion war shapes societies, social groups but also the perception that each individual has of the world. The experience of violence, evil, suffering is assumed in literary representations of war as something that requires a complex elaboration and sometimes ritual of atonement that resemble those studied by anthropologists. War in literature is an ancient theme of epics and myth, which still today lingers powerfully in our literary imagery. I have worked on war in literature both as a researcher of the Institute for the History of Resistance in Cuneo (Italy) and as an independent scholar. On the topic I have also published the novel Fantasmi in Val d’Orcia (Cuneo, 2012). My major works about war and literature are:

Normandy landings

Troups marching in France

General Bernard Montgomery

Pilots in World War II