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Resistance and Collaboration in Occupied Europe

An interdisciplinary graduate student conference sponsored by the Memory Studies in Modern Europe Working Group Yale University, Monday April 2nd, 2018


CEIW is keen to give notice about the forthcoming conference in Yale:

The Yale University Memory Studies in Modern Europe working group invites doctoral students from all disciplines to share their research in a conference devoted to the topics of resistance and collaboration in Europe in the long twentieth century.


Claudio Pavone: 30 November 1920 – 29 November 2016

Written by // Simona Tobia

Claudio Pavone: 30 November 1920 – 29 November 2016

In 1991 Italian publisher Bollati Boringhieri issued a monograph titled Una Guerra civile. Saggio storico sulla moralità nella Resistenza. It would change points of view on history and stimulate debates for years to come. Its author, Claudio Pavone, one of the finest Italian historians, died last week, aged 95. 

Normandy landings

Troups marching in France

General Bernard Montgomery

Pilots in World War II